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Yemeni Southern Provinces Live In Darkness

ADEN, Aug. 20 (YPA) - The Yemeni southern provinces lived in darkness due to power outages, southern media officials said. The blackout came as a result of the southern transitional militias' seizure of power stations' shares.

PM discusses challenges facing old city of Sanaa

SANAA, Aug. 19 (YPA) - Prime Minister Dr. Abdulaziz bin Habtoor on Monday discussed with Culture Minister Abdullah al-Kebsi the current status of the historic city of Sanaa and the challenges facing it and threatening its remaining in the…

Sanaa tribes continue to back fronts

SANAA, Aug. 18 (YPA) – A tribal meeting was staged on Monday by tribes and sheikhs of Balad al-Raws district of Sanaa province to back the army in confronting the Saudi-led coalition and its mercenaries in the battle fronts. At the meeting,…

Fierce clashes erupt in Marib

MARIB, Aug. 18 (YPA) – Fierce clashes on Monday broke out between Saudi-led coalition mercenaries and tribal gunmen in Marib province, according to sources. The sources confirmed that the clashes erupted after Saudi-backed Islah party…