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Gaza Media Office reveals shocking statistics for victims of Zionist crimes

GAZA, June 03 (YPA) – The Government Media Office in Gaza Strip released on Sunday an update on the victims’ statistics from the 240th day of the Israeli occupation’s genocidal war on the Strip.

The media office said that the Israeli occupation committed during the 240 days of the genocidal war 3,247 massacres, resulting in 46,439 deaths and 10,000 missing persons, indicating that 70% of the victims were children and women.

The office confirmed that 78,000 tons of explosives were dropped by the occupation on the Gaza Strip, causing 33 billion dollars in direct initial losses.

It stated that 36,439 martyrs arrived at hospitals, including 15,438 martyrs of children, 32 martyrs of famine, 10,231 martyrs of women, 498 martyrs of medical staff, 70 martyrs of civil defense, and 147 martyrs of journalists.

According to the office, the number of injured reached 82,627, while 11,000 wounded still need to travel for treatment abroad.

The office explained that 10,000 cancer patients face death and need treatment.

The office pointed out that the Zionist aggression against the Gaza Strip caused the displacement of two million people in the Gaza Strip, including 17,000 children who live without their parents or one of them.

The office mentioned that 1,095,000 people are infected with infectious diseases as a result of displacement, including 20,000 cases of viral hepatitis infection, adding that 350,000 chronic patients are at risk due to the prevention of the introduction of medications and that 60,000 pregnant women are at risk due to a lack of health care.

According to the media office, seven mass graves were discovered that the occupation established inside hospitals, from which 520 bodies of martyrs were recovered.

The office stated that 148 shelter centers were targeted by the “Israeli” occupation forces and that 192 government headquarters, 109 schools and universities, and 88,300 housing units were completely destroyed by the occupation, while 303,000 housing units were partially destroyed by the occupation.

Regarding the targeting of health facilities and bodies, the office explained that 33 hospitals were taken out of service by the occupation and 55 health centers. The occupation also targeted 160 health institutions and 131 ambulances.

On the detainees, the office said that 5,000 people were detained from the Gaza Strip during the genocidal war, including 310 arrests of health personnel and 20 journalists whose names are known.