YEMEN Press Agency

3 Southern Yemeni provinces under coalition control witness power outage

ADEN, May 09 (YPA) – Three Yemeni provinces in the south of country, controlled by Saudi-led coalition, witnessed a power outage on Thursday, which sparked dissatisfaction with citizens in those provinces.

Sources reported that the electricity supply has become almost cut off throughout the day in the city of Aden, causing suffocation and fainting among civilians, especially with the high temperature in the summer.

The sources pointed out that the crisis in Aden is paralleled by a similar crisis in the neighboring provinces of Abyan and Lahj.

A few days ago, citizens complained about the increasing hours of power outages in the three provinces for more than 20 hours during one day, coinciding with the high temperature.

The power outage in most generating stations is almost completely due to the lack of fuel needed to operate the stations, which the pro-coalition government refuses to provide, according to calls for help from public electricity institutions.