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STS factions kidnap one of Taiz sons in Aden

ADEN, March 31 (YPA) – Gunmen in the UAE-backed factions of the “Transitional Council”, kidnapped one of the sons of Taiz province, and took him to an unknown destination in Aden province.

Informed sources in the city said that elements in the factions kidnapped on Friday the citizen Hamid Ghalib Farhan al-Sharabi from his home in al-Mansoura area.

The sources explained that the gunmen came on board a military vehicle type “Nissan” and took the citizen without any legal status, pointing out that Al-Sharabi’s family registered a report with the coalition authorities about the kidnapping incident without knowing their son’s fate until the moment.

The transitional elements are carrying out regional kidnapping campaigns for the sons of Taiz, while the incitement against them continues due to the expansion of the sharp dispute between “Rashad al-Alimi”, who belongs to Taiz, with “Aidrus al-Zabaidi”.