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Sanaa announces new 100 riyal coin

SANAA, March 31 (YPA) -The Central Bank of Yemen in Sanaa announced the issuance of a new 100 riyal coin, replacing the damaged paper currency.

The Governor of the Central Bank in Sanaa, Hashem Ismail, stated in a press conference on Saturday that the circulation of the new currency will begin on Sunday.

He noted that the printing of the new currency was done according to the highest international standards and that it would not affect the currency exchange rate as it replaces damaged notes.

Ismail also mentioned that the bank will open centers around the clock to exchange damaged currency with the new one.

He emphasized that the American-Saudi aggression has placed currency at the forefront of the economic warfare, confirming that America has taken charge of waging war on the Yemeni economy.

The Governor of the Central Bank also noted that the achievements made in the currency war wouldn’t have been possible without the awareness of the people.