YEMEN Press Agency

Sanaa takes new stance regarding oil exports

SANAA, March 06 (YPA) – Deputy Foreign Minister of the Sanaa government, Hussein Al-Ezzi, said that Sana’a does not object to resumption of oil exports abroad.

“Sanaa does not object to the resumption of oil exports abroad. All it insists on is that it should be done according to agreed-upon mechanisms characterized by transparency and clarity, ensuring that the revenues are directed towards the public good in the country as a whole, and preventing theft and seizure by corrupt groups, as known,” Hussien Al -Ezzi said on a post on his X account.


He added, “This is Sanaa’s stance, and it has no other conditions in this matter.”

Al-Ezzi pointed out that the parties in the occupied areas show strange and suspicious stubbornness towards what Sana’a proposes, preferring to refrain from exporting this wealth and alleviate some of the country’s suffering.

He called on the pro-Saudi-led coalition parties to reconsider their position since Sanaa’s stance is for the public good and not for the benefit of any party.