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Socotra sons reject coalition’s absurd projects on island

SOCOTRA, March 26 (YPA) – Sheikhs and sons of the Socotra archipelago province rejected the absurd projects that the Saudi-led coalition being devoted to on the island.

Issa Salem bin Yaqut al-Soqtari, one of tribal sheikhs of the island, explained that Socotra needs development, unity among its people, sustainable projects and investments befitting the charm of its nature.

Sheikh Issa warned of absurd projects on the island, which aim to tear the social fabric among the people of the island.

The island has been witnessed a struggle for influence between the UAE and Saudi Arabia, after the latter opened a military base near Hadiboh airport in Muri area, amid a recruitment process for the people of the island from all sides.

In August 2020, the UAE established a joint military base with the Zionist entity on the island, in addition to establishing a number of marine control centers, including on Abd al-Kuri Island, towards the Gulf of Aden, Bab al-Mandab and the Horn of Africa, after Abu Dhabi announced normalization with the Zionist entity.