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Transport Minister: Flights to Cairo, India, canceled with complicity of Yemeni Airlines leadership

SANAA, March 09 (YPA) – Minister of Transport, Abdulwahhab Yahya al-Durra, said on Thursday that the flights from Sanaa Airport to Cairo and India were approved and scheduled, but canceled at the last minute with the complicity of the Yemeni Airways leadership.

“Yemeni Airlines is supposed to provide services to all Yemeni people without discrimination and from all airports in the country,” the Minister of Transport said in a statement.

“Every citizen has the right to travel from the nearest airport to his residence and city,” he added.

The Minister of Transport stressed the need for Yemeni Airways, as the national carrier, to operate with complete professionalism and impartiality, and to operate civil flights from Sanaa International Airport, similar to other local airports.

He urged Yemeni Airlines to provide clarification to the public about the reasons for not operating flights to India and Cairo, despite scheduled flights.

Al-Durra held the Saudi-led coalition fully responsible for the deterioration of the humanitarian situation in Yemen, especially for the patients who are stranded and awaiting the opening of all destinations and airports.

“The truce and calm do not fatten or satisfy hunger unless there is a complete opening of all land, air, and sea ports, as they are of a civil and humanitarian nature,” he said.