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Communications Ministry denies validity of any increase in tariff rates for communications, Internet

SANAA, Aug 10 (YPA) – An official source at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology on Monday denied the validity of any increase in tariff rates for telecommunications and fixed or mobile internet services.

The source told Yemen Press Agency, “There is absolutely no truth to the rumors that are being circulated by some about raising the tariffs of telecommunications and Internet services in all provinces or in certain provinces.”

The source affirmed that the ministry continues to provide communication and internet services in all provinces and to all citizens at the same price without discrimination.

The source pointed out that the ministry had made a field visit and a violation of some payment outlets and exchange companies was observed by adding 30 percent of the invoice value to the citizen, under the name of the commission for transferring the amount to the telecommunications company.

The source called on citizens not to be subject to blackmail from any payment points or electronic applications that impose on them illegal increases, fees or commissions.

The source called for dealing with official service points, Yemeni postal outlets, official payment and electronic shipping applications, and boycotting any applications or payment points that add any amounts to the invoice or the price of the package specified by companies, given that these points practice fraud and fraud on citizens and distort telecommunications services.

The source also called on all citizens to report the violating points by calling the customer service numbers of telecommunications companies or the complaints number of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.