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Humanitarian Affairs Council condemns coalition’s crime in Jawf

SANAA, Aug 8 (YPA) – The Supreme Council for the Administration and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation condemned the aggression coalition continuing to commit brutal crimes against civilians, the most recent of which is the targeting of citizens in Ma’atra area of Khub-Washaf district, in Jawf province.
In a statement, the Council stated that removing Saudi Arabia from the list of shame for violators of children’s rights in Yemen gave Saudi Arabia the green light to continue committing such crimes against civilians, which represent a flagrant violation of the rules of international humanitarian law.
The statement emphasized that these crimes clearly express the methodology and style of the forces of the US-Saudi criminal aggression and clearly reveal the extent of defeat and despair, which reached it.

The statement criticized the silence and the complicity of the international community, which was and still is one of the most important reasons for the continuation of war crimes against Yemen committed by the coalition of aggression.
The Council called on the United Nations and its bodies to carry out their responsibilities and their humanitarian duty to condemn these brutal crimes, and to pressure the countries of the coalition of aggression to abide by the international laws and conventions guaranteed to civilians.