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Water Ministry renews its condemnation of systematic destruction of Yemeni environment

SANAA, March 18 (YPA) – The Ministry of Water and Environment, represented by the General Authority for Environmental Protection, renewed its condemnation of the systematic destruction of the land and marine environment in Yemen by coalition countries.

The authority indicated in a statement issued on Wednesday that the Yemeni marine environment and its living quarters and coral reefs are subjected to the greatest destruction of this wealth, which is a source of income for most of the residents of coastal areas.
The statement pointed out that the coalition, through its ships, is using chemical and biological materials and dumping toxic and polluted waste on the shores of Yemen and the Yemeni regional waters, in addition to oil leaks, which causes great damage to the marine environment, the deaths of fish and marine organisms, and the change of the color of the sea to green.
The statement stated that in addition to toxic waste, the aggression coalition allowed unfair fishing activities through marine dredging and explosions by foreign ships to destroy the marine environment, coral reefs, precipitating stones and seashells.
The statement reviewed a number of damages resulting from this systematic destruction practiced by the aggression countries