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Imam of mosque wounded in stabbing attack in Saudi Arabia

SANAA, April 6 (YPA) – Imam and preacher of a mosque, was injured in a stabbing attack in the Al-Namas region in southwest Saudi Arabia before he goes up to Minbar on Friday, The Okaz newspaper reported on Friday.

“A man about 40 years old has attacked the imam inside the mosque and stabbed him, before a number of worshippers rushed to rescue him and taken him to the hospital where he is currently receiving treatment,” the newspaper added.

The Imam Sheikh Ali bin Hassan al-Sheikh al-Qusheiri Alshahri said later that there is no enmity between him and the attacker, adding that he did not know the reason why this man attacked him.

The security services are still investigating reasons that motivated him to attack and stab the Imam of the mosque.