YEMEN Press Agency

Fisheries condemns coalition’s crimes against fishermen, demands cessation of tortures

SANAA, Feb. 6 (YPA) – The Ministry of Fisheries strongly condemned the arbitrary measures taken by the countries of coalition against the fishermen in the province of Mahra, calling on the international community to play its role against these violations.
The ministry said in a statement that the latest arbitrary Saudi measures is to prevent fishermen from practicing fishing in the area of Atab in Mahra and threaten to target their boats.
The statement stressed that these practices, which are contrary to international norms, conventions and laws, deprive a large group of fishermen from their sole source of income.
The Ministry of Fisheries called on the international community and humanitarian organizations to stop the tortures of the aggressor countries against fishermen in all the Yemeni coasts.
The statement warned Saudi Arabia of continuing practice terrorism against fishermen and the confiscation of private and public rights and property and the systematic destruction of fish facilities, stressing that these crimes will not fall statute of limitations.