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Unknown gunmen throw grenade at home of security director of Dhalea

DHALEA, Feb. 7 (YPA) –  Unknown gunmen hurled a grenade on Wednesday at a home of the director-general of the security and police of Dhalea province appointed by the exiled president Hadi, Brigadier General Adlan Saleh.

The correspondent of Yemen Press Agency in Dhalea said that the explosion, which led to the intimidation of women and children caused minor damage to the walls of the house and its main gate.

The security department and police Dhalea confirmed that it will investigate and follow-up and take the necessary action until the disclosure of the circumstances of the attack and the identity of the aggressor to bring him to justice and trial.

A source close to Adelan Saleh said that the unknown who threw the bomb took advantage of the absence of Brigadier General Adlan, who was on a mission outside the province.


Sameera Hassn