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Coalition commits 172 violations in Hodeidah cease-fire over 48 hours: Army Spokesman

SANAA, Feb. 6 (YPA) – The Saudi-led and its militias have committed 172 violations of UN-brokered cease-fire in Hodeidah over the past 48 hours, Yemen’s army spokesman Yahya Sarie said in a statement on Wednesday.

“The violations included artillery and missile attacks which targeted houses and farms of the citizens in several districts of Hodeidah and positions of the army forces,” Sarie said.

The spokesman said the coalition’s ongoing violations would obligate Swede agreement, holding the coalition the full responsibility for an attempt to fail the cease-fire.

He added that the coalition aircrafts waged 30 raids, 9 on separate districts of Saada province, 9 raids on Haradh districts and 2 on Mazaeq area of Hajjah province, 9 raids on Jawf province and an airstrike on Serwah of Marib province.

Sameera Hassn