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Salim al-Mughali reveals latest Ansarullah’s offers regarding redeployment in Hodeidah

SANAA, Feb 5 (YPA) – Salim al-Maghils, member of the Political Bureau of Ansarullah, has revealed the latest offers and proposals made by the redeployment team representing the National Salvation Government of Yemen.

The plan lays out a proposal for redeployment in Hodeidah, as well as the implementation of the Sweden agreement.

“Since Sunday, the national team has been trying to persuade the team of the other party [the Saudi-led coalition and Hadi] to agree on reasonable, serious and rational steps to re-deploy all forces in Hodeidah, in a way that would bring a truce as agreed in the agreement signed last December,” Salim al-Maghils said.

“Our redeployment team has submitted a proposal for redeployment in Hodeidah province that includes fair solutions with a military rationale that is reassuring to all parties,” he added

“The redeployment plan includes the redeployment of fighters from the two sides to a distance of 30 kilometers, divided in two phases, according to the Sweden agreement, the first phase of redeployment from ports,” al-Maghils said in a leaflet on his Facebook page on Monday.

“The second phase is to complete the deployment from the city, with the forces of the two parties being 30 kilometers from the city, and also regards artillery, tanks and vehicles, which will be redeployed to a distance of 50 kilometers, he said.

“The Coalition team rejected this proposal despite the fairness and military logic that is reassuring to all,” Maghils lamented.

The Political Bureau member furthermore explained that the war coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE are suggesting a redeployment of only one kilometer from Hodeidah city.

“Such a spread at this distance is nothing but militarily useless, and is meant to put in an attempt to deceive in preparation for a surprise military attack on the city, especially as the reinforcements, fortifications and equipment that the coalition prepares in Hodeidah continue,” al-Mughils said.

He stressed that the actions of the coalition’s militants clearly underline their lack of psychological willingness to end the war and take serious and genuine steps towards the implementation of the Sweden Agreement.

Al-Maghils pointed out that the United Nations has all papers need in order to pressure the invader coalition countries into taking serious steps towards the implementation of the Sweden Agreement.