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UAE officials reward Israeli athlete

SANAA, March 5 (YPA) – The United Arab Emirates rewarded an Israeli athlete took part in a in youth Abu Dhabi Ju-Jitsu World Championship, according to Israel’s i24NEWS website.

Deaf Israeli combatant Sara Kovaliov, 16, who participated in the Israeli youth team in the ‘Jiu Jitsu’ martial art (a combat sport system), won encouragement for her good performance, despite losing a Russian opponent in the finals.

The young woman so impressed locals with both her abilities and personal story, and when the Israeli team made its way to the airport to return to Israel, head of the UAE security services that accompanied the Israeli delegation took her aside and gave her a luxurious watch—a gift from one of the local sheikhs.

Despite the national anthem of Israeli was not played during the Medals ceremony, the Israeli players received good treatment, the Israeli website added.