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China threatens to collapse UAE economy

SANAA, March. 5 (YPA) – China‘s “the huge global economy” grows rapidly and quietly and threatening to devour the world’s small and large economies, making its way to the world’s markets from all directions.

It is not unusual for Dubai ports to fade away from the Middle East economic map, if we know that China dominated the giant global companies and moved its headquarters, workers and brands to Beijing and Shanghai, so it is natural that the dreams of Princes of Dubai and Gulf as a whole will dissipate as soon as China thinks to revive Silk Road.

According to a photographer’s report published by “Arabic affairs”, site stated that China has recently launched a huge investment project named “Belt and Fire” and “Chinese Silk Road”, which has two faces, the first one is on sea and the second on land.

The Chinese project is the main cause that has changed the equations in the entire Arab and African region, the recent decisions made by Djibouti and Somalia governments were attributed to the cancellation of contracts with Dubai international ports in favor of China’s new economic plan, according to the report.

The report also noted that the United Arab of Emirates (UAE) and India are among the biggest opponents of the Chinese project.

The UAE has rushed to rent a number of African ports for long periods of time, such as the port of Aden, Djibouti, Eritrea and Somalia, in addition to their control On the Yemeni island of Socotra, the report added.

The report said that UAE has tried to stand against the Chinese project by signing a number of long-term contracts, but the actions taken by Djibouti and Somalia have confirmed that the Chinese project will change the face of the world economy.