YEMEN Press Agency

Southern Transition forces close Salman al-Hazm military camp in Yemen’s Aden

ADEN, Aug. 12 (YPA) – Armed group loyal to the so-called Southern Transition Council backed by the United Arab of Emirates occupation forces closed the gate of the so-called Salman military camp in the city of Aden on Sunday, Yemen Press Agency reporter said.

Militias belonging to the Southern Transition Council (TSC) closed the gate of the so-called Salman al-Hazm camp and prevented the military committees from disbursing the so-called “Salman’s reward” to the militias loyal to the exiled Hadi, and excluding the security belt forces, the reporter quoted security official as saying.


Salman’s reward is dedicated for the ISLAH Party militias and it came amid a wave of angry protests condemning the corruption of Hadi and Ben Dagher’s authorities.