YEMEN Press Agency

Taiz’s Human Rights Office condemns coalition strikes against citizens

TAIZ, July 10 (YAP) – Human Rights Office in Taiz province strongly condemned on Wednesday the crime that the Saudi-led coalition force committed against citizens’ homes in the province.

The office considered in a statement the crimes a violation of the childhood right to life in accordance with international laws, customs and conventions, and it is a war crime that exposes its perpetrators to criminal accountability.

The statement pointing out that the crime is an extension of a series of frequent crimes committed by coalition militants in recent times.

It held the coalition militants criminally responsible for this horrific crime, calling on all international and local organizations to assume their humanitarian responsibility and to work to stop these crimes, and prosecute their perpetrators.

Earlier in the day, two people were killed and seven others wounded, including children, in a drone attack of the Said-led coalition forces on Al Shaqab area of Sabir Al Mawadim district of the province.