YEMEN Press Agency

Hadramout fishermen close Al-Shihr port in protest against foreign forces’ abuses

HADRAMOUT, July 10 (YPA) – Dozens of fishermen closed on Wednesday the port of Al-Shihr on the Arabian Sea in Hadramout province, which is under the control of the Saudi-led coalition in eastern Yemen.

The move comes in response to the UAE forces’ prevention of fishing off the coast of Al-Shihr and the abuses and violations practiced against them by the foreign forces, according to local sources.

The sources reported that fishermen in the port of Al Shihr carried out an angry protest because the UAE Coast Guard prevented fishing on the coast of Al Shihr, which is close to one of the foreign military bases located in Al-Dabbah oil port.

The fishermen placed their boats next to the dock and carried out their protest inside the port, the sources explained.

It is noteworthy that foreign forces have prevented Hadramout fishermen from fishing in most areas since the UAE forces took control of the coastal districts for nine years without any movement from the pro-coalition local authorities in the province.