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Riyadh’s challenges force STC to postpone its meeting in Shabwa

SHABWA, June 24 (YPA) -Amid highly complex circumstances, the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC)  was forced to postpone a meeting of its ‘National Assembly’ under its auspices, which was scheduled to take place in Shabwa Governorate by the end of the current June.

The STC leadership announced during its meeting on Monday, chaired by Aidaroos al-Zubaidi, the head of STC, the postponement of the National Assembly meeting to a later time due to the incomplete “organizational and logistical arrangements” in Shabwa governorate.

Observers believe that the decision to postpone stems from obstacles preventing the completion of the meeting scheduled in Shabwa. The most prominent of which is the Saudi moves in recent months to impose political components opposing the STC.

Some added that Shabwa Governorate is not the optimal place for the STC  to showcase its popularity or engage in challenges that it can no longer bear, especially given Riyadh’s determination to withdraw control from components loyal to Abu Dhabi in southern and eastern Yemen.

News from Shabwa Governorate in southeast Yemen at the end of last May mentioned the arrival of vanguards from of the so-called “Dera Al-Watan” factions loyal to Saudi Arabia to Shabwa governorate.

According to observers, Riyadh’s serious intent to limit the influence of factions loyal to the UAE in coalition-controlled areas in southern and eastern Yemen.