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Al-Houthi accuses US and Israel of using humanitarian aid for espionage

SANAA, June 18 (YPA) -Member of the Supreme Political Council, Mohammad al-Houthi, has accused the United States and Israel of using humanitarian aid as a cover for espionage activities in Yemen.

Al-Houthi’s comments came in response to a US statement detailing the dismantling of a US-Israeli espionage network, which he said highlights America’s weakness and bankruptcy in justifying its aggression against Yemen.

Al-Houthi stated that the US and its allies involved in the espionage statement would not tolerate similar activities in their own countries.

He pointed out that American and United Nations statements corroborate Yemeni security services’ revelations about the use of humanitarian and relief operations for espionage purposes.

He explained that the continuous training and qualification courses provided by the CIA to the spies confirm their involvement in espionage, questioning the relevance of security and intelligence courses to the routine work of local embassy employees.

Al-Houthi also mentioned the use of encrypted and secret communications between the spies and American officers as evidence of their breach of diplomatic norms.

The confessions of the American-Israeli spy network members, according to Al-Houthi, reveal crimes and facts known to the Yemeni people, with evidence available to various state agencies. He stressed that Yemeni security agencies have exposed the causes and individuals behind these activities.

Al-Houthi accused the US and Israel of systematically working to destroy crops, offspring, and engage in corruption, reflecting their true nature today. He condemned such actions and called for an end to the policy of blackmailing employees under the guise of humanitarian and diplomatic work.

While stating that Yemen has no position against UN organization employees, Al-Houthi condemned the US for employing spies under humanitarian covers.

He emphasized Yemen’s sovereign right to take appropriate measures against espionage activities hostile to Yemen.

He stated that crimes committed by the espionage network are proven with conclusive evidence and expressed readiness to hand over this evidence to a third party that opposes such activities.

Al-Houthi criticized American statements denying these facts and reiterated Yemen’s call for international intervention, inviting China and Russia to present the issue to the Security Council.

Al-Houthi urged the United Nations and its organizations to explain their actions, which he believes reflect a lack of commitment to their charters and regulations, constituting another unjustified crime.