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Sanaa reveals US-Israeli spy network targeting various aspects of life in Yemen

SANAA, June 11 (YPA) – Sanaa ministry of interior said in a statement that its security services arrested an American-Israeli spy network in the capital Sanaa.

In the statement, which was read by the head of the Security and Intelligence Service, Major General Abdul Hakim Al-Khaiwani, revealed that the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)-linked spy network has played espionage and sabotage roles in official and unofficial institutions for decades for the benefit of the enemy.

The statement pointed out that the spy network was provided with special techniques, devices and equipment that enable them to carry out their activities secretly.

“The members of the spy network and the American officers exploited their job positions at the American embassy to carry out their subversive activities,” it added, explaining that after the departure of the American embassy from Sanaa, the members of the spy network continued to implement their subversive agendas under the cover of international organizations.”

According to the security statement, the effects of the sabotage actions of the American-Israeli spy network, which was the main arm for implementing the plans of the American and Israeli enemy in the Republic of Yemen, had accumulated over decades.

The statement stated that the espionage network provided the enemy intelligence services with important information about various aspects in the official sector and elsewhere, in additional, it had been for decades to influence decision-makers, penetrate state authorities, and pass decisions and laws, attracting many figures and coordinated visits for them to the United States to influence and recruit them.

It revealed that the network recruited economists and owners of oil and commercial companies and linked to American and Israeli intelligence, playing sabotage and destructive roles in the agricultural sector, which focused on thwarting agricultural research bodies and seed multiplication centers, recruiting a number of spies in the Ministry of Agriculture.

The statement pointed out that the network had worked to implement American plans by producing and multiplying agricultural pests, and seeking to undermine local production, and implemented projects and programs targeting the health field, as well as contributing to the spread of diseases and epidemics in various Yemeni province.

According to the statement, the American-Israeli spy network implemented plans to destroy the educational process, separate education from construction and development, and to participate in implementing plans targeting the faith identity of the Yemeni people and their authentic values and customs.

The security statement also revealed that the spy network carried out direct technical espionage operations on behalf of enemy intelligence to obtain confidential, sovereign information, by eavesdropping on the privacy of Yemeni society and harnessing for the benefit of its hostile plans.

It noted that the American-Israeli spy network managed intelligence activities targeting the military and manufacturing capabilities of the Yemeni armed forces, and worked to monitor military movements and strategic capabilities, to achieve the enemy’s goals.

The statement confirmed that the network had collected limited information for the American and Israeli intelligence services about the state’s general budget, and the approved plans and policies of the Sanaa-based Salvation National Government, sought to reveal the sources of funding for the military fronts to hostile intelligence services.