YEMEN Press Agency

Protest rally held to UN building in Sanaa

SANAA, June 11 (YPA) – A protest rally was staged on Monday in front of the United Nations building in Sanaa to denounce the economic escalation taken by the coalition-backed Aden government.

In the rally, dozens of participants condemned the economic escalation pursued by the Aden Bank, which threatens the remaining means of livelihood.

The rally affirmed the rejection of the starvation policy and the attempt to destroy the national economy by targeting the local currency.

The participants submitted a statement to the United Nations office explaining the organizations’ concerns about the effects of these decisions on sources of income, the movement of funds and international aid in Yemen.

The statement condemned also the resumption of economic escalation because of its effects in doubling the humanitarian tragedy that will affect large segments of society, enhance the risks of famine and economic depression, and undermine the living stability of millions of Yemenis.

The statement urged everyone to spare the economic file from the conflict and not to take any decisions that reflect negatively on the humanitarian aspect and flowing the necessary funds to mobilize relief work.

The rally was organized by the Office of Social Affairs and Labor in Sanaa and civil society organizations.