YEMEN Press Agency

Ansarullah Bureau holds Washington responsible for genocidal war in Gaza

SANAA, May 19 (YPA) Ansarullah Political Bureau strongly condemned on Sunday the daily massacres the Israeli enemy’s committing in the Gaza Strip, describing them as genocidal crimes.

The Bureau said in a statement that “these heinous massacres represent living evidence of the barbarism of this Zionist enemy, its unparalleled brutality to exterminate the defenseless Palestinian people.”

The statement held the United States of America fully responsible for these crimes, stressing that these crimes would not have occurred and continued, had it not been for the continued absolute American support for this usurping enemy.

“The Zionist enemy’s targeting of homes, schools, and residential Quarter in the Strip reflects its failure and inability to confront the brave mujahideen, and their legendary steadfastness in defending their land and sanctities,” the statement added.

It called on the peoples of the Arab and Islamic nation to “break the state of complete silence, bear their historical responsibility towards the Palestinian issue, and stand by the Palestinian people.”

The Bureau’s statement praised “the continuation of the free and courageous student movement in a number of universities in various countries of the world, in support of the Palestinian cause and in defense of the oppressed Palestinian people.