YEMEN Press Agency

Terrorist groups develop their attacks in Abyan by using drones

ABYAN, May 19 (YPA) – At least three recruits of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) were injured in an attack carried out by Al-Qaeda members in Modiyah District of Abyan Province, southern Yemen, local sources reported on Saturday.

According to the sources, the attack was carried out by a suicide drone targeting the STC recruits yesterday, Friday, in Wadi Omran, which is the most prominent scene of confrontations between “Al-Qaeda” and the factions loyal to the UAE.

The sources explained that the attack represents a qualitative development in the Al-Qaeda attacks in Abyan in terms of the ability to hit the target with a drone, since the organization announced that it possessed drones about a year ago.

The pro-UAE factions have been facing violent resistance from terrorist organizations in Abyan after they failed to control the province through the military operation “Siham Al-Sharq” launched in October 2022.

Although the factions affiliated with the UAE announced the extension of their control over Abyan, the armed groups were able to regain their effectiveness and direct painful strikes to the factions.

Pro-UAE activists accuse Saudi Arabia of supporting and arming terrorist groups in southern Yemen.

Political analysts confirm that the UAE, which believed it had the keys to eliminating terrorist organizations in southern Yemen, discovered during the confrontations in Abyan that eliminating these groups is not just a journey that it may resolve as quickly as possible.