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Hamas rejects UN report accusing its soldiers of committing rape incidents

GAZA, March 05 (YPA) – The Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas” rejected the report issued by UN official on the events of October 7, 2023, accusing the resistance of committing incidents of “rape and sexual violence.”

The movement said in a press statement on Tuesday, “Hamas strongly condemned the report issued by UN official Pramila Patten regarding the claim and allegations that resistance fighters committed incidents of rape and sexual violence during the events of October 7.”

Hamas confirmed that this report came after failed Israeli attempts to prove this false accusation, which was confirmed to be baseless, other than the demonization of the resistance and covering up the report of the United Nations rapporteurs on the existence of conclusive evidence of horrific human rights violations to which Palestinian women and girls were subjected by the Israeli occupation forces.

The movement stressed that despite Patten’s false allegations and accusations against the resistance fighters, her report did not document any testimony from what she calls the victims of these cases.

Hamas stated that Patten’s allegations clearly contradict what appeared from the testimonies of Israeli women about the good treatment of them by the resistance fighters, as well as the testimonies of released Israeli female prisoners, who confirmed the good treatment they received during the period of their captivity in Gaza.

It affirmed that this false accusation will not succeed in erasing the ugliness and horror of the Zionist crimes committed in the Gaza Strip, which caused the death of about 40,000 Palestinians, most of them women, children, and civilians, in a mass crime, ethnic cleansing, and deliberate disregard for the decisions of the International Court of Justice and other international reports that documented parts of the crimes and atrocities committed in Gaza by neo-Nazis.