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Yemeni telecommunications ministry clarifies situation regarding submarine cables

SANAA, Feb. 27 (YPA) – The Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology in the Sanaa government on Tuesday denied the truthiness of what was being promoted by media outlets affiliated with the Zionist enemy regarding the causes of what happened to a number of international submarine cables in the Red Sea last Saturday.

The ministry and the Yemeni government in the capital, Sanaa, confirmed in a press statement their commitment to the general position of the Republic of Yemen regarding submarine cables, which was stated in the revolution leader’s recent speech, in addition to what was stated in its previous statements.

The ministry renewed its keenness to spare all communications cables and services from any risks and affirmed its keenness to provide the necessary facilities for their repair and maintenance, provided that the necessary permits are obtained from the Maritime Affairs Authority in Sanaa.

The statement indicated that Yemen’s decision to prevent the passage of Israeli ships does not concern ships belonging to international companies licensed to carry out marine cable work in Yemeni waters.

The ministry stressed its pivotal role in the continuity, construction, and development of the international and regional communications and Internet network systems provided by submarine cables extending within

Yemeni territorial waters and that its efforts will continue to facilitate the passage and implementation of submarine cable projects across Yemeni territorial waters, including projects to which the Republic of Yemen has contributed through the Yemeni International Telecommunications Company, TeleYemen.