YEMEN Press Agency

Hadramout tribes make fuel tankers legitimate targets for their armed operations

HADRAMOUT, Jan. 29 (YPA) – Hadramout province tribes have granted a final 48-hour deadline to the government loyal to the Saudi-led coalition and Safer Company to reduce fuel prices, indicating that tankers loaded with fuel would then become legitimate targets for their armed operations.

A statement issued by the “Hadramout tribes’ sit-ins” on Monday, a copy of which was obtained by the Yemeni Press Agency, affirmed their absolute rejection of the state of recklessness and indifference to their demands for the third time by the government, local authorities, and the oil company.

The statement warned tanker drivers not to risk their property and lives for “the sake of a handful of corrupt officials,” holding the pro-coalition government and Hadramout authorities responsible for the consequences of what will happen after the issuance of the statement.

The tribes of Hadramout carried out an open sit-in last week in the Al-Khasha’a area, west of the province, to demand unification of the price of gasoline, similar to the city of Marib’s 3,500 riyals per 20-liter can, which is sold in Hadramout for 25,000 riyals.