YEMEN Press Agency

Tens cases of attempted suicide recorded in coalition-held areas of Yemen

ADEN, Jan. 29 (YPA) – About 23 cases of attempted suicide have been recorded in the Saudi-led coalition-held areas of Yemen, according to Interior Ministry in the coalition-backed Aden government.

The Ministry posted a statistic on its website confirming that the economic collapse those areas pushed dozens of teenagers to commit suicide, and 148 suicide cases also were expected from different age groups.

The statistic showed that 44 suicide cases were recorded in in Taiz, 25 cases in the city of Marib, and 24 others in Aden, while Shabwa recorded 15 suicide cases among citizens of different age groups.

It added that Hadramout province verified the suicide of 10 people in the districts of Wadi and Desert, in addition to 9 cases in Abyan, 6 cases in the coalition factions-controlled districts Hodeida, 5 cases in Dhalea, and 2 cases in Mahra.

This came due to the deteriorating living conditions as a result of the rise in prices of basic commodities, which led to the collapse of the local currency against local currencies, coinciding with the failure of the Aden government to take any reforms to limit the economic deterioration.