YEMEN Press Agency

Pro-UAE components in Hadramout express significant shift in their demands in favor of Saudi Arabia

MUKALLA, Dec. 31 (YPA) – Head of the so-called “Hadramout Inclusive Conference” and head of the “Hadramout Tribal Alliance,” which is loyal to the UAE, Omar bin Habrish, announced on Saturday radical changes in the orientation of the components affiliated with Abu Dhabi in Hadramout province.

Bin Habrish said during a public event in the city of Mukalla today that “Hadramout will struggle to obtain full representation in the solution negotiations in Yemen.”

“Hadramout refuses to be under the mantle of any party, including the Presidential Leadership Council, with regard to negotiations,” he stressed.

Bin Habrish added that they would negotiate for Hadramout independently among the other Yemeni parties, in a clear indication that the components loyal to Abu Dhabi have abandoned their affiliation to the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC), which has been waging an intense debate for nearly a year to annex the province.

He made explicit accusations against the “Presidential Council” led by Rashad Al-Alimi, affirming that “the political trends that have ruled the country for the past 30 years are the same now and that society should not expect from them any progress or improvement in the service files.”

Bin Habrish pointed out that peaceful, organized escalation is “the only option to express rejection of this bad reality and uproot the corrupt and the corrupt,” as he said.

Observers believe that the conflicts between forces loyal to Saudi Arabia and the UAE in Hadramout are merely justifications for imposing the isolation of Hadramout, which falls within the framework of American efforts to control the eastern provinces of Yemen.