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Huge disagreements in command of 115th Infantry Brigade in Abyan

ABYAN, July 8 (YPA) – Sources revealed to Yemen Press Agency (YPA) that huge disagreements increased between the military commands of the 115th Infantry Brigade, loyal to the coalition forces in the district of Luder of Abyan province, on the backdrop of a number financial corruption cases in the brigade.

The media sources confirmed that a number of military commanders loyal to General Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar submitted reports accusing the commander of the brigade of 115 Brigadier General “Saif al-Qafish” looted the brigade’s money, so that he was summoned by outgoing President Hadi to The city of Aden during the past week

According to the sources, the commander of the 115 infantry Brigade is likely to be overthrown because of disagreements raised between military commanders loyal to General Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar and him, following the involvement of a number of officers in major corruption cases.

Brigadier General Saif al-Qafish, commander of the 115th Infantry Brigade, was appointed months ago in the Brigade’s command to succeed Brigadier Nasser Al-Dhimji, who was removed from the Brigade command, following military demands to change.