YEMEN Press Agency

UAE goes too far on Socotra Island

SOCOTRA, Sept. 25 (YPA) – Activists on social media denounced the UAE’s continuous attempts on the island of Socotra to obliterate the Yemeni identity and to consolidate its occupation of the island under all banners .
The activists’ denunciation came after the UAE linked the Island to an Emirati telecommunications network, with the phrase “Welcome to the UAE” .
The message was the first message to reach the phones of network users later, which activists described as rude, in light of the complicity of what they called the “legitimate government” that is supposed to be responsible for protecting the sovereignty and territory of the Republic of Yemen.
According to local sources, the UAE’s Khalifa Foundation is constructing and operating new telecommunication towers in the UAE-held tourist area of Delisha.
It is noteworthy that Abu Dhabi is working to remove all manifestations aimed at stripping the island of Socotra from the sovereignty of Yemen, including bringing many delegations of foreign and Israeli tourists on visas issued from the UAE, amid frantic military activity to establish bases and spy centers for Israel on the islands of the Yemeni archipelago of Socotra.