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IFJ calls for immediate evacuation of Journalists Syndicate’s HQ in Aden

ADEN, Sept. 11  (YPA) -The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ),  called for putting an end to attacks on the property of the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate and restoration of the syndicate’s headquarters in the city of Aden, which is under the control of the Saudi-led coalition’s factions.

The IFJ also called on Rashad Al-Alimi the head of the ” Presidential Leadership Council” and pro-coalition government to stop attacks on the headquarters of Journalists Syndicate and its property, expressing concern that the headquarters has continued to be occupied since last March.

“If this act is not repelled, it could open the door for other YJS offices to fall into the hands of politically motivated groups. This is not just an attack on the YJS and its property, it is an attempt to destroy what the YJS represents, as a national union that symbolises the solidarity among Yemeni journalists and acts as a protector of their independence,” the IFJ said in a letter sent to Al-Alimi and Moeen Abdul-Malik, the pro-coalition Prime Minister.

The IFJ  further called on all its affiliates to join its demand for immediate evacuation of YJS’ offices in Aden and let YJS colleagues safely return to their offices.

The UAE- backed Southern Transitional Council (STC)’s factions stormed the headquarters of the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate in Aden in early March and expelled all workers to make it the headquarters of the Pro- STC syndicate, which was created last April.