YEMEN Press Agency

Two terrorists killed in Iran security operation

TEHRAN, May 24 (YPA) – Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) announced on Wednesday the “destruction of a terrorist cell” in Sistan and Baluchestan province, southeastern country, killing two terrorists.

“In light of the intelligence monitoring and operational measures of the Corps’ fighters, an armed terrorist cell that was planning to carry out terrorist and sabotage acts in the southeast of the country has been eliminated,” IRGC’s Public Relations Unit of the Quds Force of the Ground Forces said in a statement.

“The security and intelligence services in the province tracked down this armed terrorist cell in the south of the province, and it was eliminated before any planned terrorist act took place,” it added.

“Two terrorists were killed and a third was arrested in this operation,” the statement stated. “Quantities of weapons, ammunition, explosives, and communication devices were seized by the terrorists.”