YEMEN Press Agency

Pro-coalition leader escapes assassination attempt in Abyan

ABYAN, March 19 (YPA) – A senior leader in the UAE-funded “Southern Transitional Council (STC)’s militia survived on Sunday an assassination attempt in Abyan province, southern Yemen.

Media sources said that the terrorist elements targeted the vehicle of the commander of the so-called “3rd Brigade Special Task Battalion,” Mohammed Hamid al-Mahrami, with two explosive devices, in al-Mudiya district.

Some sources confirmed that another explosive device targeted the “Chief of Staff of so-called 3rd Brigade” in the same district, Nabil al-Hanashi, who was on board a military vehicle, without revealing the health condition as a result of the incident.

The terrorist elements have doubled the war of explosive devices against the STC in Mudiya since the STC announced “Arms of the East” Operation last August, to control over the Islah-run camps in Abyan.

Last January, the STC’s militia stormed a number of homes of Fahtan tribes in Mudiya, under the pretext of searching for wanted persons, leaving about 18 dead and wounded, including children and women.