YEMEN Press Agency

Saudi Arabia begins new military arrangements in Aden

ADEN, March 19 (YPA) – Saudi Arabia has begun new military arrangements to enhance its influence over the city of Aden, south of Yemen.

“The Saudi forces are currently preparing about 3,000 fighters from the people of Aden, in preparation for their deployment in the city, which contains more than 39 anti-Saudi factions,” according to media sources on Sunday.

This coincided with political moves to form an anti-Southern Transitional Council (STC) bloc loyal to the Emirates.

The sources affirmed that a special force of 1,800 personnel are currently being equipped in the city of Tabuk, while 1,200 others being trained in Hadramout, eastern Yemen.

The sources expected that these forces would begin to be transferred to Aden in the coming days. These forces, whose command was assigned to Rashad al-Alimi, a head of Saudi-formed Presidential Council, would be added to the Saudi-affiliated Dara al-Watan forces, as part of the arrangements for expelling and dismantling the STC factions.