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Attorney General orders release of 70 prisoners in Amran

AMRAN, March 01 (YPA) – The Public Prosecutor, Judge Muhammad Al-Dailami, ordered the release of 70 prisoners from the reserve and central prisons in Amran province on Wednesday.

This came during his field visit to inspect prison conditions and help prisoners who deserve conditional release before the holy month of Ramadan, in implementation of the directives of the Revolution Leader and the President of the Supreme Political Council.

Judge Al-Dailami confirmed during the release process that the release targets prisoners who meet the conditions of release, including those who have served three-quarters of their sentence.

He pointed out that all those who will be released until the holy month of Ramadan do not have special rights for others, explaining that those released are insolvent, and their insolvency has been proven, and their debts would be paid by philanthropists, the Zakat Authority, and other charitable bodies.