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United Nations fails to mobilize more money to support Yemen

GENEVA, March 01 (YPA) – The United Nations has failed to mobilize more money this year to fund its response plan in Yemen.

After it presented the suffering of the Yemenis in “public auctions” through the donors’ conference, which was organized on Monday in Geneva, in the presence of its Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, and the participation of twenty countries with the exception of Saudi Arabia, the UN announced that it had obtained 1.2 billion dollars to finance the humanitarian plan that requires 4.3 billion dollars, an amount that disappointed the international organizations operating in Yemen, as it does not exceed 28% of the required funding volume, which prompted a shocking comment by the United Nations, saying that “the world has abandoned Yemen.”

In the Yemeni reactions, several government sources in Aden warned that the decline in donor funds would double the humanitarian suffering of Yemenis and prompt the United Nations to stop dozens of projects being included in its response plan for 2023.

For his part, a member of the “Supreme Political Council” in Sanaa, Mohammrd Ali al-Houthi, considered that “Yemen needs to benefit from its capabilities that donors prevent it from. What they offered in their wars against Yemen, and what they received from the value of their weapons that killed the children and people of Yemen with their aggression, terror and siege, would not be entitled to appear as doves of peace in the worst crisis created by the American, British and Saudi aggression.

In turn, political sources in Sanaa accused the United Nations of failing to manage donor funds during the past years, pointing out that over $23 billion provided by the “international community” to help the Yemeni people did not have a significant positive impact, considering the international organization’s talk about the rise in humanitarian needs this year as “an implicit recognition of its failure to stop the suffering,” which requires everyone to “contribute to the push towards peace to end all repercussions of aggression and siege.”

The sources indicated that the humanitarian crisis being required to make more efforts to implement the items related to the humanitarian file by the United Nations and the “international community”, considering this is the most appropriate option to reduce the suffering of Yemenis, especially through the payment of salaries, which will benefit more than 1.2 million employees, who support about 4.7 One million people have lost their basic sources of income for seven years.

In the same direction, an official source in the “Humanitarian Affairs Council” in Sanaa confirmed to Al-Akhbar that the funds obtained by the United Nations from the donors’ conference this year are very simple and limited in view of the huge volume of needs, calling on the international organization to spend these funds in more effective projects.

António Guterres, the Secretary-General of the United Nations had warned, during his speech at the opening of the donors’ conference, of the dangers of the collapse of the UN-brokered armistice, which he said would cause starvation for more than two million people, stressing that the “international community” had the ability to quickly disburse funds to help Yemen, describing the required aid as ” A temporary bandage, not a solution for the humanitarian crisis.

During the conference, the United States announced a contribution of 444 million dollars, while the European Union pledged to provide 207 million euros.

Britain, in turn, announced support for the humanitarian response plan with 88 million pounds sterling, while the UAE committed to providing 325 million dollars.

Meanwhile, Canada provided $46 million, while Japan donated $19 million, and Kuwait donated $17.8 million.