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Shura Council speaker praises national role of southern provinces’ governors

SANAA, Jan. 30 (YPA) – Speaker of the Shura Council, Mohammed Hussein Al-Aidarous, praised on Monday the national roles played by the governors of eastern and southern provinces of Yemen.

This came during his meeting with the governor of Hadramout Luqman Baras, governors of Mahra Al-Qa’tabi Al-Farji, governor of Shabwa Awad Al-Awlaqi, and the governor of Aden Tariq Salam.
They discussed the situation and developments and the destructive plots in the southern and eastern provinces by the Saudi-UAE coalition and its militias.

The meeting reviewed the catastrophic repercussions on the humanitarian, social and economic levels on the Yemeni people in general and the occupied provinces in particular, and the policies of starvation, spreading chaos, destabilizing security and stability, and plundering wealth.

They pointed out the need to work to enhance awareness among the people of the occupied provinces of the dangers of the aggression coalition’s plans and the new old colonial methods led by America and Britain that seek to obliterate the identity of the Yemeni people and plunder their wealth and capabilities.

They touched on the popular movements in the various occupied provinces as a result of the deteriorating living and security conditions, valuing the popular movement rejecting the situation in those provinces as a result of the arbitrary practices of the coalition forces.