YEMEN Press Agency

Rift hits UAE-Funded ‘Shabwa Defense Forces’ in Ataq

SHABWA, Jan. 24 (YPA) – Local sources in the eastern province of Shabwa affirmed  that there is a state of tension between the UAE-backed factions.

The sources said that the intensity of friction between the “First Brigade of Shabwa Defense” led by the son of pro-coalition governor, Awad al-Wazir, and the “Second Brigade of Shabwa Defense” entered the danger phase today, Tuesday, after the latter established a military point near a military point belonging to Awad al-Wazir’s forces at the eastern entrance to the city of Ataq.


The sources added that the people are worried about the possibility of breaking clashes between the two parties, in light of mobilization of the two sides on the outskirts of the eastern city of Ataq.

It is worth noting that the UAE established new armed factions called the Shabwa Defense Forces and dispensed with Shabwa Elite militants in December 2021.