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Pro-UAE Hadramout governor refuses to recruit 10,000 residents of province

HADRMOUT, Jan. 18 (YPA) – Hadramout governor affiliated to the UAE, Mabkhout bin Madi, refused on Wednesday to recruit ten thousand residents of the Wadi districts, loyal to Saudi Arabia, to the so-called Hadramout Tribes Alliance.

This came during his meeting with, Fayez Mansour al-Tamimi, a commander of the UAE-run “Second Military Region”, in the city of Mukalla.

The governor warned of the consequences of the tribal alliance recruiting the people of Wadi Hadramout districts outside what they called the “military and security establishment”, in an attempt to make room for the “Southern Transitional Council’s militia, coming from Dhalea, Lahj and Abyan, to control the districts of Wadi and Desert of Hadramout, located within the scope of the Islah-held First Military Region.

Bin Madi and Al-Tamimi threatened to punish anyone who called for the recruitment process and hold him accountable, and whoever proves their involvement in that process, which they described as aiming to disturb the general peace of society.

This came after the head of the so-called “Hadramout Tribes Alliance” affiliated with Saudi Arabia, Amr bin Habrish Al-Ali, loyal to Saudi Arabia, issued on Tuesday an administrative order to form a registration committee, headed by Salem Omar Bashadi, to recruit 10 thousand people from the districts, in implementation of the Seiyun meeting, during the first week of January.

The UAE, through the STC militia, reinforced by Tariq Afash’s forces from the western coast, is seeking to control the oil districts of Wadi in Hadramout, which are under the control of the Islah party militants.

The Islah Party, loyal to the Saudi-led coalition countries, has imposed its control over the oil provinces of Hadramout, Shabwa, and Marib, since the war on Yemen began in 2015, in which their revenues were invested by the party’s leaders in Turkey and other countries.