YEMEN Press Agency

Dhamar province receives released prisoner

DHAMAR, Jan. 18 (YPA) – Dhamar Province received on Wednesday the prisoner Noah Mohammed Ali Al-Harbi, who was freed from the prisons of coalition’s forces in Taiz.

During the reception, the undersecretary of the governorate, Abbas Ali al-Amdi, praised the positions of the prisoners and all the heroes of the army in the face of the aggression.

Al-Amdi stressed the interest of the revolutionary leadership and the Supreme Political Council in the release of all prisoners, the follow-up of the missing, the care of the wounded and the families of martyrs, appreciating the efforts of the Prisoners Affairs Committee.

For his part, the official of the general mobilization in the governorate, Ahmed Al-Dhoorani, stressed that the positions and sacrifices of the prisoners are the pride of all the Yemeni people, indicating that their release is one of the priorities of the revolutionary leadership and the Supreme Political Council.

In turn, the released prisoner expressed gratitude for the follow-up to the release of prisoners and attention to their conditions, stressing the continuation of steadfastness until victory is achieved.