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2 people executed after being brutally tortured in Lahj

LAHJ, Jan. 18 (YPA) – Social media activists circulated on Wednesday shocking scenes of the execution of two people by gunmen after they were subjected to brutal torture.

One of the video clips shows a person named “Salah Obaidan Ali Al-Kalani,” from Bani Bakr tribe in Al-Hadd district of Lahj province, killed by gunshots that penetrated his body, while one of the bullets appears inside his mouth after it penetrated the neck.

The video clip also shows a person firing 7 shots in the dead man’s chest, and the eighth in the shoulder.

Regarding the motives of the crime, the activists confirmed that the gunmen executed the two people under the pretext of trying to kidnap a young girl from her home and sell her human organs.

The Yemeni Press Agency re-publishes one of the shocking scenes, with the warning that the video contains shocking scenes.