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3 Palestinians martyred, Israeli occupation army investigates loss of “sensitive maps”

OCCUPIED PALESTINE, Dec. 08 (YPA) – Three Palestinians were martyred on Thursday during a security operation carried out by Israeli occupation forces in Jenin city in the West Bank.

Thousands of Palestinians bid farewell to the bodies of the three martyrs, namely Atta Yassin Shalabi (46 years old), Tareq Fawzi Al-Damj (29 years old), and Sidqi Sediq Zakarneh (29 years old), from Jenin Hospital to the city center.
The funeral included chants denouncing the Israeli crimes, and shooting in the air by gunmen to express anger.

The West Bank has been witnessing a significant escalation of tension for months, against the backdrop of renewed clashes between the Israeli army and settlers on the one hand, and the Palestinians on the other.

On the other hand, the Zionist Broadcasting Authority said that the occupation army is investigating reports of the loss of “sensitive” military maps that were in the possession of its soldiers during an operation in the city of Jenin in the West Bank at dawn Thursday.

Palestinian media published pictures of military maps that were said to have fallen from the occupation forces during the operation in Jenin, which resulted in the death of 3 Palestinian citizens.

The Israeli occupation army spokesman said that “the details are under examination,” while the broadcaster described the maps as “sensitive,” indicating that the incident is under investigation.