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Sanaa reveals new documents on volume of looted Yemeni oil exports

SANAA, Nov. 16 (YPA) – Sanaa revealed on Wednesday new documents showing the volume of crude oil exports looted by the Saudi-led coalition before imposing the oil wealth protection equation.

Documents obtained by “Al-Masirah” satellite channel showed that the volume of looted crude oil exports exceeded 2.6 million barrels per month.

The documents included the minutes and tenders of the so-called “Higher Committee for Crude Oil Marketing” to sell oil from Al-Masila, Shabwa and Marib crudes with foreign companies.

According to the minutes of the sale of looted oil included in the documents, sales of Masila crude amounted to 2 million barrels per month, while sales of Shabwa and Marib crude amounted to 600 thousand barrels per month.

The minutes between the parties of the Ministry of Oil loyal to the coalition and the UAE’s company “ADNOC” also revealed the expectation of doubling the exports of Shabwa and Marib crude to one million and 200 thousand barrels per month.

A document issued by the leadership of the pro-coalition Ministry of Oil called for expediting production in the oil sector 5, after the readiness of its facilities, with the aim of increasing the quantities of looted oil.