YEMEN Press Agency

Independent Aden Youth Bloc calls for new uprising

ADEN, Jun. 23 (YPA) – The Independent Aden Youth Bloc has on Wednesday called for a revolutionary escalation and an angry protect on Thursday afternoon across Aden and the rest of the coalition-controlled southern provinces.

In a statement, the bloc called on the angry protesters to continue their marches until their demands were met, including providing basic services from Aden’s resources and wealth.

The bloc denounced the statements issued by the Saudi-led  coalition’s officials and the president of the Riyadh-formed Presidential Council, saying “ the coalition’s statement is nothing but a deceitful act to absorb the anger of the people and silence messes who came out in the past days”.

“The statement by the head of Riyadh-formed Presidential Council was only propaganda that has nothing with any movements on the ground in addition to the absence of basic services such as electricity in the city. But, the insistence of the government and the Leadership of  Council have increased  the price of oil derivatives, as if they were enjoying our punishment, suffering and pain,” the bloc’s  statement  read.

The bloc accused the coalition countries of lying and failure to meet their financial commitments, which were  supporting the Bank of Aden, saving the local currency from collapse and  improving the economic situation.

It demanded the expulsion of the government from Aden and the rest of the southern provinces, and leaving its interventions in Yemeni affairs once and for all.