YEMEN Press Agency

Fuel stations closed in Taiz

TAIZ, Feb. 13 (YPA) – Fuel stations closed their doors to citizens on Sunday in all areas under the control of the Hadi’s government loyal to the Saudi-led coalition in Taiz province, eyewitnesses reported.

This created a stifling crisis and the long queues of cars extended in front of the fuel stations to obtain gasoline.

The price of a 20-liter gallon of gasoline exceeded 32,000 riyals on the black market, which threatens to multiply the suffering of citizens as a result.

Prime Minister in Hadi’s government, Maeen Abdulmalik, decided at the end of last year to import and distribute fuel through the oil company in Aden, amid the rejection of the decision by the oil derivatives suppliers, who described the decision as arbitrary, which will leave a fuel crisis in Aden and the rest of the Yemeni provinces.

In mid-January, 2022, the “Sea Ador” vessel carrying 40,000 tons of fuel left the port of Aden without unloading the shipment, after the “Sinmar Singhbour” ship, carrying 44,000 tons of diesel, left the oil port in Aden.