YEMEN Press Agency

2 civilians killed by coalition forces fire in Marib

MARIB, Feb. 10 (YPA) – At least two civilians were killed when UAE-backed militias loyal to Saudi-led coalition stormed citizens’ homes in Harib district of Marib province, local source said on Thursday.

The source explained that the UAE-backed militias on several patrols and armored vehicles tried to storm houses of Al Al-Haddar in the late hours of Wednesday evening under the pretext of inspection, which prompted the citizens to confront them and prevent them.

The militia started firing bullets at houses and citizens, which led to the killing of Nasser Hussein Al-Haddar Al-Sharif and Najed Ahmed Ahmed Al-Haddar, the source added.

The source denounced this blatant attack and the crime committed against Al Al-Haddar citizens, calling on the people of Harib to strengthen their alignment to expel the militia from the district.